Titel: Technik

The all tube channelstrip of the Solid Tube Audio console "C3"

The combination of surface-mounted device (SMD) technique and discrete technology was indispensable.

The channel strip of the Solid Tube Audio "C3" was one of the most complex tasks with the development of the console.

26 tubes (double triodes/52 tubestages), had to be accommodated per channel strip with a max. width of only 40 mm. This required the use of modern Sandwich architecture.

A very quiet, intelligent cooling system, simulated and optimized on the computer , was integrated.

Thus it became possible to achieve an average temperature of only 38° C (100° F) within the console. This way it was possible to increase the reliability of the whole console above all standards.

Temperature sensors monitor thereby various positions within the console and the power packs. A safety system monitors this and switches e.g. in case of a clogged filter the appropriate channel strip off until the next service

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